Website Review: ACRIS Services for Safe Work Method Statements

I recently visited an amazing site,, and learned where you can go in Australia to acquire a safe work method statement for your business.  You know, the procedure you have in place for high-risk activity that identifies potential hazards in order to keep workers safe, whether it is working from heights, in tight spaces, etc.  The company is ACRIS Services.  Their site is easy to navigate, has clear pictures of products with clear pricing and verified payment options.  You will notice immediately that they have an impressive collection of free products!  Whether these products suit your particular need, or if they serve only to demonstrate the quality of their merchandise, you will be impressed.  ACRIS Services actually has the documentation you purchase put together by former workplace health and safety inspectors.  These guys know what to look for!

If you want to talk specifics, it is not hard to get in touch with a real person.  I was able to find contact information easily, and they even have a newsletter to keep clients informed.  The General Manager of ACRIS Business Group, Russ Stephens, oversees all operations, and he has a direct link to his LinkedIn profile on his website.  I chatted with the guy, and he seems really down to earth.  ACRIS Services really seems like a pleasant, knowledgeable group of people to work with.

If you need a safe work method statement for your business in Australia, I am sure ACRIS Services can help you find what you need.  With clear product information, easy website navigation, and friendly, available customer service, there is no excuse not to give them a look.  They even offer access to their entire document library for one low annual fee!  You can find ACRIS Services on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, or at their website,

See reviewer’s full disclosure here.


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