Social Net Working in ArcheAge: An Intro Guide to Fishing | The Errant Penman

This looks like a fun aspect to the MMO I recently started playing…

The Errant Penman

ArcheAge - Fishing Boat My hobby within my hobby, fishing in ArcheAge breaks new ground in my MMO playing history; for the first time in forever, I’m enjoying this fishing stuff. It caught me by surprise. I’m not a big fan of mini-games, and I’m not particularly fond of cooking professions, but as it turns out, that’s not what fishing in ArcheAge is about at all. No, in ArcheAge, fishing is a fully fledged profession where you brave the dangerous oceans, seeking out bigger and bigger fish to turn in for cold, hard cash – that’s a fishing profession even I can get behind.

Getting Your Feet Wet

While the end goal is exciting, fishers in ArcheAge must start from humble, simpler beginnings. If you’re shy of grinding or light of pocket book turn back now, because there’s a long and pricey road between you and any semblance of profit. Fishing begins with…

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