A Review: Brian Singh’s “Adam Sealon and the Dragon’s Egg”

Adam SealonEpic poetry is as old as the English language.   While reading Brian Singh’s “Adam Sealon and the Dragon’s Egg,” I was reminded of Beowulf and his epic adventures in Scandinavia.  From his first battle against the monster Grendel to his fatal encounter with dragon, Beowulf’s adventures are recounted to the reader in flowing poetic verse.

Epic and fantastic stories can be successfully told in verse, and Singh courageously reminds us of that in his work.  Singh is able to take a writing style which is very old and make it innovative and new, and it is refreshing to see a writer attempt the avant-garde in this manner.

While some may find the meter loose and the story a bit wanting for details, such criticism can be overlooked if this story is assumed to be targeted for a young audience.  I could not help but imagine the potential success of adding pictures to this story, reformatting the tale in the form of a children’s book to introduce a new generation to epic poetry and the fantasy genre.

The potential success of this tale as a children’s story comes not entirely from the imagination of this reviewer, but is substantiated in seeing the published responses of other readers, from parents reading the story with their children to an 8-year-old boy, writing his own glowing review of the adventure and expressing anticipation for the next installment.

Brian Singh positively engages his readers with the character of Adam Sealon, a character surely to be further defined and endeared to readers in future adventures.


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