Website Review:

moneylenderdotnetThere often comes a time in life when financial need requires you to seek out a short term loan.  Sometimes there is nowhere to turn, or if there is, any number of reasons can leave you hesitant to involve family members in your financial trouble.  I have discovered a website where you can both get advice and research your best options for the money you need: has a blog which may give you the advice you are looking for when you need it most.  Featuring articles like “8 Reasons Why You Should NOT Borrow Money from Friends & Family” and “5 Top Misunderstandings about Payday Loans,” this blog’s advice contained within these and future articles will ensure you have considered all the options and a variety of perspectives.

Information on the particular services offers can be found in the FAQ section and on a separate page dedicated to describing in detail the types and terms of loans which may be of interest to you.  But the best feature of all is the comparison service, where you can put in the amount you wish to borrow and the state where you live and get instant results of state-licensed lenders near you, complete with terms you can compare to ensure you get the best deal.

I entered $200 and my state and instantly received a list of ten different businesses where I could acquire a short term loan in that amount. tells me the type of lender, whether they require good credit, the fees they charge, and other information I would need to make an informed decision about borrowing.  And the site promises to add new state-licensed lenders to the database as the information becomes available!


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