A Review: Jo. M. Sekimonyo’s “Cast Away for These Reasons – Economic Jihad”

Cast Away For These Reasons - Economic JihadImmediately after downloading the Kindle eBook version of this work, I began the task of unpacking the author’s message.  That message begins in earnest: quotes from champions of the poor and destitute, anecdotes from a well-traveled memory, a critical view of Nelson Mandela.  The author, who proclaims himself a former “hippy lunatic idealist,” need not add well-educated to his list of self-descriptive adjectives, as his pedantic word choices and erudite illustrations speak for themselves.  Discussion of concepts like “heterodox economics” (schools of economic thought outside the mainstream) and a casual reference to the “Codex Gigas” (the largest extant medieval manuscript in the world), signal to the reader that only the studious need continue.

The author unapologetically implores readers to consider an alternative to “the prevailing brutal economic system, which is Capitalism,” and its “delusional McCarthyist” proponents, while pointedly rejecting both Communism (Marxism) and Socialism as well.    Alluding to the discourse of 20th century economists as “manure,” the author sets out to persuade readers to abandon their comfort zones, creating a work which is both academic in subject matter and detail, yet is also an engaging, passionate narrative devoid of any objective pretense.  One could dismiss the author’s argument as that of a wide-eyed, hippy, lunatic idealist if not for the surprising eloquence of his prose and the painstakingly gathered evidence he provides to support his often first-hand observations of the world in which we live.

Jo M. Sekinmonyo has created a well-written argument for what he predicts will be a poorly-received but plausible alternative to the current incarnations of Capitalism in the United States and abroad.  His work, “Cast Away for These Reasons—Economic Jihad,” seeks to stimulate thought and discussion on current economic conditions around the globe.  In light of his writing prowess and his ability to provide evidence and illustrations to support his convictions, while his arguments may eventually be refuted, they cannot be dismissed.


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