An Invitation to Peruse Pickford Studios

Pickford StudiosIf you seek to be not only informed, but intrigued, not just enlightened, but also entertained, not merely educated, but profoundly edified, then look no further than the writers of Pickford Studios who dwell at Meet Mickey McClain, an eccentric Scotsman who travels extensively, but is quite content to keep the details of his many adventures to himself (with a fortunate exception or two).  Mickey’s editor, Evalyn Ryman-Stimme, is a political activist with the peculiar family tradition of being on the periphery of the defining historical moments of the times (a la Forest Gump). Author Meg Langford, the clever and articulate wearer of many hats, is arguably the brains and imagination behind the whole outfit.

Together the crew at Pickford Studios brings you an array of enjoyable titles.  Follow the adventures of the fattest crime fighter in the world or bask in vicarious enjoyment of the fry cook’s revenge.  Delve into the research of Meg Langford as she examines the history of lynching, directs a critical eye towards the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, and tells a cautionary tale regarding the discovery of a dark side of American life. In addition to the diverse selection of fiction and nonfiction books for sale, readers can enjoy light-hearted blog posts providing everything from evidence of the existence of unicorns to good-natured rips on the Weather Channel.  More serious fare is offered on the Pickford Word where visitors can digest the opinions of this site’s authors on current events and social issues of the day.  All this, plus poetry and more await the curious readers who accept this invitation to check out!


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