Medieval Medicine: Will a 9th Century Eye Ointment Finally Kill MRSA? |

Medival Medicine

Here is another article I wrote for the ezine Waffles at Noon.  “Researchers must now refine and obtain FDA approval for a medieval eye ointment recipe which lab tests show is 90% successful at killing MRSA bacteria on the infected tissue of mice.”  Read “Medieval … Continue reading

Artists Gone Wild: Controversies in Commissioned Artwork |

Artists Gone Wild

Here is another article I wrote for the ezine Waffles at Noon.  Renowned painter Nelson Shanks’s recent admissions about his portrait of former President Clinton should serve to garner the attention he must be seeking, as well as make patrons … Continue reading

A Review: Jo. M. Sekimonyo’s “Cast Away for These Reasons – Economic Jihad”

Cast Away For These Reasons - Economic Jihad

Immediately after downloading the Kindle eBook version of this work, I began the task of unpacking the author’s message.  That message begins in earnest: quotes from champions of the poor and destitute, anecdotes from a well-traveled memory, a critical view … Continue reading

Alexander Hamilton and the American Way: Protectionism in the United States |


Here is an article I wrote for the blog  “Regardless of the role protectionism plays in the economic policies of the United States now or in the future, it is undeniable that protectionist policies played an integral role in this … Continue reading