122 Literary Magazines Accepting Reprints (Updated for 2019)

I took the 2016 list entitled “185 Literary Magazines Accepting Reprints” from publishedtodeath.blogspot.com and manually checked each entry. Those which no longer functioned or explicitly stated they only want unpublished work have been removed. New entries are added when discovered. This list update is an ongoing process: last updated July 2, 2019.

50-Word Stories (“Each month, submissions will be open between days 1 and 15 of that month. Any stories received on days 16 to 31 of a month will be deleted, but can be resubmitted the following month.”)

After the Pause (“We accept simultaneous submissions (please notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere) and reprints (please indicate if this is the case); nonetheless, we prefer unpublished submissions.”)

Ancient Paths Online (“a predominantly Christian publication”)

Avatar Review (“Previously published work accepted on occasion–although we prefer unpublished material. Author must supply appropriate credit.”)

Azure (“We want literary fiction that grows in complexity upon each visitation; we enjoy ornate, cerebral, and voluptuous prose executed with thematic intent.”)

Back to College (“Payment is $55+ for original feature articles ($27.50+ for reprints and derivatives).”)

The Bark (“the dog culture magazine” “It can take us up to a year to respond. Please do not contact regarding the status of your submission.”)

Bewildering Stories (“offers a home and an audience to speculative writing”)

Blue Collar Review “Though it is not required, it helps to see a sample issue in advance to get a better idea of what we are looking for. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.” Duotrope lists this market as accepting reprints.

Breakroom Stories (“We accept previously published material.”)

Allegory (“Biannual Online Magazine of SF, Fantasy & Horror”)

Cahoodaloodaling (women only)

Canary (closed to submissions until 7/1/19)

Carrier Pigeon (“What We Accept: previously published material, so long as our printing of the material does not breach any previously agreed upon contracts.”)

Cast of Wonders (“We run both reprints and original stories, and have no strong preference between the two.”)

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (“Cha is dedicated to publishing quality creative works from and about Asia… “Lost Teas” = Works from any of the above genres which have been previously published in journals/magazines that have now folded. If submitting for “Lost Teas,” please include the periodical and issue/date the work appeared. Please note that this is the only place we accept reprints.”)

The Chained Muse (“Send us your poetry for review or submission. The world is longing for beautiful poetry that stirs the soul and rouses us to seek a better world. Every great new poem breathes new life into this effort.”)

Children, Churches & Daddies (“The Unreligious, Non-Family-Oriented Literary and Art Magazine”)

Columbia Journal (“We rarely republish work online that has already been published.”)

Copperfield Review (“Submissions that are not historical in nature will not be considered for publication.”)

Craft (“We do accept reprints for our Short Fiction and Flash Fiction categories, but do not pay for these stories. We do not accept reprints for submission in our contests.”)

Cricket Online Review  (“Previously published work and simultaneous submissions are considered if notified.”)

Damaged Goods Press (“Previously published poems are okay.”)

Danse Macabre (“A magazine of the imaginative, the magical, the ethereal, the supernatural, the dark, the absurd, and the unknown.”)

Dark Futures (“Poetry will be considered but is unlikely to be accepted.”)

Deep South Magazine (“For poetry, our reading period will be from December 1 through February 1. We will mainly publish poetry in April during National Poetry Month, so around 30 selections will be chosen to run each day.”)

Digital Fiction Pub (“Speculative Fiction: Science, Fantasy, and Horror”)

Down in the Dirt Magazine (“We accept work of almost any genre, but we will not consider rhyme, because it seems to us that all rhyme is for rhyme’s sake (we don’t care why you rhyme, we just don’t want it in Down in the Dirt), and we’re definitely not keen on religion poems (we were originally a section of cc&d magazine, whose byline says it’s an UN-religious magazine”)

The Drabblecast (“Reprints and Repods?– SWELL. Yes.  We tell ’em fresh.”)

East Coast Literary Review (“Previously published work is acceptable, just let us know where it was originally published.)

Easy Street (on hiatus – “Easy Street is presently closed to submissions.)

The Ekphrastic Review (“We want nothing less than to grow and expand the art form of literary writing inspired or prompted by visual art.“)

Enizagam (“Please expect a response within 4 weeks of the deadline. Winner will receive $1000 and will be nominated for the annual Pushcart Prize.”)

Eunoia Review (“We also accept reprints, but you must retain or have regained the rights to your work.”)

Every Writer (“We also take works that have been previously published as long as you have the right to publish the work (we like previously published work, to be honest”)).

Expanded Horizons (“We do not publish stories or poems which do not directly…authentically [promote] diversity in the genre and the voices of those from under-represented groups and backgrounds.”)

Fabula Argentea (“Writers of quality fiction up to 10,000 words are invited to submit to our triannual magazine.”)

The Fear of Monkeys (“an E-Zine featuring politically conscious writing”)

Fiction on the Web (“You’re…welcome to send stories that have been printed elsewhere as long as you retain the copyright.”)

The Font (“The Font welcomes submissions…in some way related to language teaching or learning or of interest to those connected to this profession.”)

The Frigg (“published online twice a year, in the spring/summer and fall/winter”)

Front Porch Review (“If your submission was previously published, please cite the reference.”)

Frontier Tales (“This is a Western magazine. We’re interested in Western stories, Western biographies, etc.”)

Funds for Writers (“If a reprint, list where and when the piece was published.”)

The Gallery of Curiosities (“We do want to know if it is a reprint, and where it has beenSay so in your cover letter.”)

Geist (“Geist is a Canadian magazine and requires a Canadian connection in all non-contest submissions.”)

Ginosko Literary Journal (“Accepting short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, social justice, literary insights;” “Publishing as semiannual litzine.”)

Glittership (“GLITTERSHIP IS CLOSED until JANUARY 31st, 2019 for submissions of fiction and poetry.”)

Grasslimb (“Previously published fine — let us know original published location”)

Hourglass Books (“We accept previously published works and simultaneous submissions.”)

Hyperpulp (“Submissions are closed until 2019.” – January 10, 2019)

Jersey Devil Press (“We don’t accept stories that are currently available online elsewhere. If it’s already up on one site, it seems a bit greedy to us to have it on ours too.”)

Jewish Literary Journal (“All submissions must be Jewish in nature.”)

Joyland Magazine (“New content appears weekly and Joyland pays writers.”)

Kaleidoscope (“Kaleidoscope magazine creatively focuses on the experiences of disability through literature and the fine arts.”)

The Lake (“Previously published poems will be considered providing you retain copyright and that they were published at least one year prior to submitting. Please also provide the place and date of publication.”)

Lamplight Magazine (“We will not consider reprints that are currently available for free online.”)

Lascaux Review (“We consider previously published material and we assume all submissions are simultaneous.”)

The Legendary (“We are always open for submissions.”)

Lighten Up  (“the quarterly light verse webzine” “Previous publication elsewhere will be no bar to acceptance by Lighten Up Online, provided that copyright has been retained by you.”)

The Linnet’s Wings (Registration required for submission.)

Literally Stories (“We accept quality short stories of between 500 and 3000 words.”)

Literary Momma (“…Writing by mother writers about the complexities and many faces of motherhood.” “We will consider reprints if you have the rights and the work is not currently available online.”)

The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles (“As of June 6th, 2016, in support of Palestine, LAROLA will not publish writers who identify as Israeli until the state of Israel treats the Palestinian people with dignity and grants them a state.”)

Lotus-Eater (“Lotus-Eater is based in Rome, Italy, and publishes works in English and translations from the Italian”)

Luna Station Quarterly (“Luna Station Quarterly publishes speculative fiction written by women-identified authors.”)

Manawaker Studios (“Previously published work is okay, as long as you let us know where it was published previously, so we can credit them in the podcast.”)

Mediterranean Poetry (“The general idea with http://www.odyssey.pm is to publish poetry / prose inspired in some way or the other by the Mediterranean world.”)

Memoir Mixtapes (“We’re not picky about whether your work has been previously published elsewhere, but we’d like to ensure that we’re not going to get sued to hell over copyright infringement, so make sure you’re okay to do so before sending it our way.”)

Midwestern Gothic (“a bi-annual literary journal dedicated to featuring work about or inspired by the Midwest”)

The Missing Slate (on hiatus – January 10, 2019)

Mulberry Fork Review (“There is a $8.00 reading fee for each submission.” “We prefer previously unpublished material.”)

Neon (“Reprints and simultaneous submissions are more than welcome.”)

New Pop Lit (on hiatus – January 2019)

Non-Binary Review (“Submissions that are not related to an upcoming theme or that do not conform to the guidelines will be deleted unread.”)

The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology (“Previously published work is okay if awesome.
 Same for simultaneous submissions. The Ides of March is the submission deadline. All selections will also appear on The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology site.”)

The Other Stories (“We want stories under 4000 words or that take less than twenty minutes to read aloud. We take published stories as well as unpublished ones. Just make sure you retain audio rights and tell us where the story’s been published!”)

Pantheon (“We DO allow simultaneous submissions after 30 days—but please let us know immediately and withdraw your story through Submittable (don’t just email us) if your piece is accepted elsewhere.”)

Petite Hound Press (“We do consider previously published and previously displayed work; our publishing of the material may not breach any contracts.”)

Phenomenal Literature (“We consider both unpublished and previously published works.”

The Poeming Pidgeon (“For previously published work, please include notation at the bottom of the page of that poem.”)

Planetary Stories (“While we do use First Web Rights, and do claim copyright, all rights revert to contributor upon publication.”)

Podcastle (“Reprints are welcome and strongly encouraged. We are happy to consider stories previously released on Patreon as reprints.”)

Poetry Life & Times (“We require and accept: 1. A formal submission giving us permission to publish; 2. Submissions via email only; 3. A short bio; 4. We reward contributors with a link to their site; 5. We prefer an image, a pic of the poet or some image that represents the poem. The image too must be original.”)

Pseudopod (“We do not discriminate between previously published and unpublished works.”)

Punchnels (“We don’t care about your politics, gender, religion, or specific stance on any issue. Have something to say and say it beautifully, and you’ll find a home for your work here.”)

Quail Bell Magazine (“We accept simultaneous submissions and previously published work.”)

Quantum Muse (“Fiction submissions now go through peer review before being accepted for publication in the Quantum Muse online magazine.”)

R.K.V.R.Y. (“We are now a paying market. Contributors will receive $10 on publication. We are closed to submissions during the summer months.”)

Reading Out Loud (“If you had fun writing your work, our professional actors will have fun performing it, and our audience will have fun listening to it.”)

River Poets Journal (“Simultaneous and previously published exceptional poems are accepted as long as we know where poems are being considered or have appeared.”)

Rocky Mountain Revival (“Previously published works are also welcome. Just make sure you hold the rights and tell us who to give credit to for first publication.”)

Sante Fe Writers Project Quarterly (“Publishing submissions for SFWP, ASP, and 2040 Books are closed.”)

The Savage Kick (“You may submit more than one story at a time. Please do not submit any poetry at present”)

Schuylkill Valley Journal (“We prefer previously unpublished work, though published work is acceptable in some circumstances (indicate where previously published)”).

Short Fiction Break (temporarily closed)

Short Humour Site (“We have no problem with [previously published material] as long as the author retains copyright and there are no restrictions on publication still current from any previous publication of a piece.”)

Space Squid (“We publish reprints if they rock… and they haven’t been around the block. i.e., less than 3 printings, please.”)

Sparks of Calliope (Sparks of Calliope is now accepting poetry submissions for publication. Poetry can be traditional or free verse, unpublished or previously published.)

Still Point Arts Quarterly (“Typically we ask for exclusive First Rights, meaning the right to be the first to publish your work in digital formats. You may republish your work afterwards at any time. We do occasionally accept reprints.”)

Sub-Saharan Magazine (“We will consider fiction reprints of up to 6,000 words. We pay a flat rate of $5 per accepted work.”)

SubverCity Transmit (“We accept reprints. If the work has appeared in either print or electronic format it’s a-ok with us, just no stories that have been previously published anywhere in audio format.”)

Summerset Review (“Reprints will not be considered unless the work has been, or will be, published in a new or upcoming collection.”)

Survivor’s Review (“Contributors to the Survivor’s Review need not have been previously published. However, if you are submitting a previously published piece, please let us know when and in what publication(s) it has appeared.”)

Tales from a Small Planet (“Original essays, fiction or humor consistent with our theme: “What It’s Really Like to Live There.””)

Tales of the Zombie War (“Submissions may be previously published and/or simultaneously submitted, but must be legally available for publication on this site.”)

Terrain.org (“Terrain.org publishes previously published materials so long as the work is not currently available online or in an app (please notify us when submitting), though original, unpublished work is preferred.”)

Thema (“Previously published pieces are welcome, provided that the submission fits the theme and that the author owns the copyright.”)

Three Drops from a Cauldron (“Myths, Folklore, Legends and Fairytales” — “If your work is previously published, that’s fine. However – only send if you still own the rights, and please, please, please let me know where it was published first so I can credit them. This is very important. Also, slight preference will usually be given to previously unpublished work.”)

Timeless Tales Magazine (“REPRINTS: We DO accept reprints as long as the author has the rights to the story. But please include in your cover letter the details of where and when the story was previously published.”)

Underwater New York (“Underwater New York is looking for creative work inspired by our list of underwater objects, or by New York City’s diverse waterways and waterfronts.”)

Unlikely Stories (“We emphasize poetry, but have no patience for simple political opinions expressed with line breaks and rhyme.”)

Valparaiso Poetry Review (“Very rarely and only in special circumstances, previously published material will be accepted if it is unavailable anywhere else online. If such a submission has been previously published in a print journal or book, the original publication must be identified.”)

Verse-Virtual (“I ONLY ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS DURING THE FIRST TEN DAYS OF THE MONTH. THE EARLIER THE BETTER.​ Persons who want to submit their poetry to the journal should be interested in being part of the community. This is not the place for poets who just want to see their work published. Simultaneous submissions are fine; Reprints are fine; Copyright of all written material at all times belongs to the author.”)

Visibility Fiction (“Original works are preferred, but we will consider reprints. If your work is a reprint, please include any reprint information in your submission email.”)

Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream “Waterways is published 11 times per year by Ten Penny Players, Inc.” They are listed as accepting reprints in Duotrope, and it is inferred on their guidelines page.

Whirlwind Magazine (“Let us know if your submission was previously published and where. We obtain rights to accepted work until time of publication, when the rights will be reverted back to the author.”)

Wordgathering (“Previously unpublished work is given preference. If a work has been previously published, please let us know where.”)

Workers Write (“We will consider previously published material.”)

The Writing Disorder (“We occasionally reprint previously published work.”)

Your Daily Poem (“If you’ve written a great poem, we don’t care whether you’ve ever been published or not. By the same token, we believe great poems should be seen by as wide an audience as possible, so we are happy to consider previously published work.”)

Youth Imagination (“For previously published WORK: The AUTHOR grants World Reprint Rights to the PUBLISHER; the AUTHOR grants Non-exclusive Anthology Rights to the PUBLISHER; the AUTHOR grants Archival Rights to the PUBLISHER”)


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