110 Literary Magazines Accepting Reprints (Updated for 2021)

I took the 2016 list entitled “185 Literary Magazines Accepting Reprints” from publishedtodeath.blogspot.com and manually checked each entry. Those which no longer functioned or explicitly stated they only want unpublished work have been removed. New entries are added when discovered. We reserve the right to omit or remove publications with discriminatory submissions policies.

Click here to find the most recent version of this list on my new site, The Edge of Memory! Make sure to bookmark the new post!


16 thoughts on “110 Literary Magazines Accepting Reprints (Updated for 2021)

  1. jmholi

    Hi there. I saw that Deep South Magazine no longer accepts reprints: “We are no longer accepting previously published works, but we will not put restrictions on the future publication of works that have been accepted by us.”

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  2. TooFullToWrite

    Hey there Randal! Appreciate what you are doing for poets and their magazines, this is very useful and generous of you.
    Can you add Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal to your list? We are open for submissions, we specialise in inspirational poetry and we do allow submissions of previously published work!
    Our website is http://www.abpoetryjournal.com if you need any further information.
    Many thanks.
    David Ellis

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  3. Cynthia Sharp

    Reblogged this on The Zen of Poetry and commented:
    While it’s wonderful to create new work and I try to devote 1-4 hours a day to writing and polishing new material, it’s nice to take full advantage of our best previously published pieces and give them more outings when we can. This is a handy list of journals that accept reprints for those days when you just need life to be easy 🙂

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  4. TooFullToWrite

    Hey there Randal. Just a very small update for your list. Auroras & Blossoms are now charging a fee for all submissions to our journal. The fee is $1 per piece. If you could update your listing then I would be very grateful. Many thanks and have a great day!

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